Tertiary Training

There are two tertiary institutions in the country which have recognized the importance of conservation education and have invited RCF to conduct trainings through accredited courses.

University of Goroka has in place two MOUs. The first one is for the certificate course, “Environment Conservation Issues in Melanesia” for final year social science student teachers. The course incorporates the HELP curriculum and environment/conservation issues with particular interest to Melanesia. This is a full semester course and students graduate with a certificate and obtain a credit point at the end of the semester after meeting all the necessary requirements.

After successful implementation of the first MOU, the University of Goroka and RCF have further entered into another agreement for a diploma program. This time RCF is tasked to offer number courses for Diploma in Environment & Conservation Studies through the recently created Center for Melanesia Studies under the faculty of Humanities. Currently four students have signed up for the two courses, Indigenous Knowledge & Conservation in Melanesia and Biological Diversity in Melanesia this semester and lectures are under way.
A similar course is taught at the Balob Teachers College in Lae, Morobe province. “Conservation Issues in PNG” is offered as a semester long course to second year teacher trainees, through the Community Development Strand. The graduates go onto teach in primary schools throughout PNG.