Board of Directors

The Research and Conservation Foundation of Papua New Guinea is a nationally registered not-for-profit organisation registered with the Investment Promotion Authority under the Company’s Act 1997 with the title “Limited”. It consist of Board of Directors who meet quarterly in a year and are appointed through the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Directors provide governance and oversee strategic implementation of the programs.

The Board of Directors are:

Paul Barker has over 37 years of experience in Papua New Guinea and is currently the Executive Director of the Papua New Guinea Institute of National Affairs in Port Moresby. He is from the United Kingdom, came to Papua New Guinea in January 1978 and was based in the Highlands for five years with the Primary Industry Department. He headed the economics, marketing and statistics branch of the Primary Industry Department until 1988, when appointed special economic sector adviser in the Prime Minister’s Department, a post he filled until mid-2004. He was technical adviser with the European Delegation in the Solomon Islands until January 2006, and then appointed Executive Director of the Institute of National Affairs, an independent policy think tank based in Port Moresby, which addresses a wide range of economic and social issues affecting the country (and manages CIMC, which facilitates government-private sector and civil society dialogue in PNG). He join the Board of Directors in 1994.

Deputy Chairman
Michael Mel graduated from the Flinders University of South Australia in 1997 with a Ph.D. in education and drama exploring and discussing indigenous processes of teaching, learning and performing in his culture of the Mogei in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. He has worked to promote indigenous art through writing, performing (Asia-Pacific Triennial, Brisbane; The Tjibaou Centre, Noumea; The National Museum of Australia, Canberra; Cambelltown Arts Centre, Sydney; The de Young Museum, San Francisco and the Humanities Research Centre, Canberra) and curating indigenous art (both visual and performance) for exhibitions within PNG and overseas. He co-curated the Hailans to Ailans exhibition in 2009 that travelled to London and Victoria, B.C.). In 2006 he was awarded a Prince Claus Award for his work in promoting and celebrating indigenous culture and development in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific by the Dutch Royal Family and Government. He is an Associate Professor in indigenous art making and education. His most recent appointment was as the Pro Vice Chancellor (Academic and Innovation) at the University of Goroka, Papua New Guinea. He has been a member of the RCF Board for over 10 years.

Enoch Kale holds a Master’s Degree in Ecology, Evolution & Systematics from the University of Missouri – St. Louis, USA; 2009 Graduate Certificate in Conservation Biology, University of Missouri – St. Louis, USA; 2008 First Class Honours Degree University of PNG; 2003 B.Sc. in Forestry from PNG University of Technology. Enoch spent three consecutive years in the field and collected the first ever year-round reproductive data on small mammals in New Guinea by trapping a 6.4 ha grid.  He believes the reproductive seasonality and population biology data gathered are key areas of knowledge needed for effective conservation and wildlife management in Papua New Guinea. Enoch also attended a Mark-Recapture Software workshop in the USA to learn valuable modelling techniques and has taught on our annual field training courses.  Enoch is a co-founder of PNGIBR.

Professor Mark Solon is an academic and researcher at various levels including his appointment to University of Goroka as Dean of the School of Post Graduates Studies and Research. Professor Solon was the former Vice Chancellor of the University of Goroka with reputable credential of contribution towards to the initial development of the University of Goroka from Tecahers College to the now University of Goroka, a leading education training University. He was appointed to the Board in 1995 and has been the former Board Chairman of the Research and Conservation Foundation of PNG.

Mr. Malcolm Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Helicopters Limited and former Governor of Eastern Highlands Province. He was appointed to the Board in October 1996 and is supportive towards effort of bio-diversity, culture and tourism. Mr Smith has brought it wealth of experience as a businessman and philanthropist. His stint in the political arena has had a lot of contributions to the work of community development and complementing efforts of not-for-profit organisations in the province. His is currently the Chairman of the Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority.

Ms. Taylor has more than 30 years of business leadership experience in Papua New Guinea. Ms. Taylor is currently a Director of two separate real estate companies in Papua New Guinea and previously served as the General Manager of Nokondi Investments, the property development business arm of the Eastern Highlands Provincial Government. Ms. Taylor was also involved in the Electoral Commission Papua New Guinea project, an Australian Government project managed by CARDNO ACIL and was the Project Manager for The Electoral Reform Project, a European Union (EU) funded initiative operated by Transparency International (PNG) which was aimed at promoting democracy and advocacy for electoral reform. Additionally, Ms. Taylor has worked with government, donor countries, and non-government organizations at all levels in a variety of roles in project management, budgetary account management, human resource development, training and educational support and development issues. Ms. Taylor has an extensive background in the media industry in both Papua New Guinea and Australia and in the real estate industry.

Company Secretary
Philip Ika holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree majored in Commerce (B.A Commerce) from the University of Goroka and is a Registered Accounting Technician with the Certified Practising Accountants of Papua New Guinea, a registered Management Accounting Graduate with the Institute of Certified Management Accountants, Registered Graduate with the Institute of Internal Auditors of Papua New Guinea Chapter and a student member with the Papua New Guinea Human Resource Institute. He joined the organisation in January 2015 after completing his studies at the University of Goroka as a graduate Finance Officer and later appointed Company Secretary in June 2015.