To facilitate its mission of protecting biodiversity conservation, RCF has two programs.

1. Conservation Education Program

The Conservation Education Office (Peckover House)

RCF conservation Education Program was established in 2000 to carry out environmental awareness in the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area. It later changed its directions to include teacher training in schools and developing education materials to target a wider audience.

Currently the program is involved in the following activities:

  • Tertiary and in-service training at the University of Goroka, Balob Teachers College (Morobe Province), Madang Teachers College (Madang), and Simbu Teachers College (Simbu),
  • Provincial Conservation Education Resource Centers in Eastern Highlands Province, Jiwaka Province, Morobe Province and Simbu.
  • Bio-cultural Classes- this involves engagement of local instructors to teach young children skills
  • Dialogue and Documentation- Research into significant cultural practices and transforming this into educational material to preserve traditional indigenous knowledge
  • Material Production- Poster production,Resource books, News letter, Radio Production, Video Documentary.
  • Community Climate Change Projects in communities
  • School Projects

2. Natural Resource Management Program

Natural Resource Management Building

RCF has been working with the local communities in the Crater Mountain Wildlife Management Area to strengthen rural livelihoods through natural resource management activities. The activities are aimed at promoting biodiversity conservation and improving livelihoods. These activities include:

  • Crater Awareness visits
  • Clan Boundary Mapping
  • Environmental Threat Awareness Posters
  • Organic Coffee
  • Organic Vanilla
  • Eco-tourism
  • Land Use Plans

These activities encourage local people in the WMA to engage in environmental friendly economic activities.

Through the NRM Program, RCF also provides technical assistance to other communities in setting up conservation or natural resource management areas.

Community awareness training in natural resource management and other environmental issues area is also an important component.

RCF also engages in biodiversity and ecological surveys as well as environmental impact assessment.